Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Day Trading: ES Employment Friday

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Friday Day Trading: G6E Employment Friday

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Friday Day Trading: ZB Employment Friday

The last two days have been a day trader's paradise or dream. MAKE IT RAIN! This morning in the ZB the trade came fairly quickly after the employment numbers were released. I waited a few minutes before jumping in the water. This market set up the rest of my trading day. I used the profits on this trade to take advantage of other opportunities in the ES and G6E. I was out of this trade in about a minute give or take when it hit my profit target.

The market really wanted to trend today, so I switch to a more aggressive strategy in the G6E and ES markets today. Since the ER and ES are so highly correlated I did not trade both the ES and ER. In any case, this trade allowed me to take advantage of the bigger opportunities to be made in ES and G6E.

Seriously, a day like today has you thinking that you are a TRADING GOD ... but with that being said, the market is a very fickle beast and no one person will ever be able to tame it. So I am thankful for my winnings today and look forward to the rest of June. I have made my June and July monetary monthly goals on the last 2 trading days.

Day Traders ROCK!! Well, at least today we did ... :-)

David AKA Tiger

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Day Trading: G6E Homerun Trade!!

What a trade in the Euro today! This is what I call a HOMERUN trade. They come around just a handful of times a year, but catching one will make your trading year a lot easier. When I say handful, what I mean by that statement is not very often.

The entry came at 8:45AM Eastern time at 1.5390, and the exit at 10:30AM Eastern time at the price of 1.5531. This is 141 tics at $12.50 per tic which equals $1,762.50 per contract traded. My trading method would have had you trading more than one contract to take advantage of this trade.

I want to say that I have a specific trading plan to take advantage of this trading situation, and enjoyed a nice win today in the G6E. In any case, I have made a bunch of notations on the chart today. Take a look at the VOLUME on the trade, it was through the ROOF!!

These types of trades are why you are a day trader in the first place! Awesome trade today, and I want to wish you all the best in your trades as well.

Best Wishes,

David AKA Tiger

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday Day Trading: ES Long Trade

My second trade of the day came in the ES market at 11:00AM Eastern time. The bar before finally broke out of the trading range, and I almost did not take this trade, but I did. The reason that I almost did not take the trade was the longer bar in the ER, but with this being said, I saw an opportunity to make a move to 1387.50 so I was long at 1384.5.

This was a real nail biter and I pulled my profit target in at 1387, and although it went on to target I was happy to take less and call it a winner for the day. I made my weekly goal on this trade, and I am happy to report that I will just comment on trades that I like for the rest of the week now.

Trading is the most challenging and exciting thing I believe a person can do, not worring about the ones that get away and not chasing markets ...

As a mentor of mine told me many years ago, "Trade what you see David, not what you think." It took a long time for those words of WISDOM to sink in for me. I will leave you with this comment that I read the other day ...

"At the end of the day if you smiled more than you frowned, laughed more than you cried, told your family and friends you loved them, and had a pretty good time doing what you do for a living, then it was a good day. Go to bed and say thanks." - Larry Winget

Have A Very Nice Trading Week! If can be of any assistance, then let me know.

Happy Trading,

David AKA Tiger

Wednesday Day Trading: Nice ZB Long Trade

My opening trade of the day came in the bonds or the ZB market. The trade was taken off the 2nd GreenBar and not the first green bar. The time of the trade was 9:05AM Eastern Time.

Why the 2nd Green bar? Here is my reasoning for what it is worth ... the 1st green bar pulled back after going up so I stood aside to see what the next bar would do. The 2nd green bar closed above the open of the bar, and more importantly closed above the close of the 1st green bar. This was a VALID SIGNAl for me to go LONG and attempt this trade.

Trade was a winner!

Next up ... ES winning trade!

Best Wishes,

David AKA Tiger

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Day Trading - ZB Bond Trade

My first thought on the day was Bernanke (Fed Chairman) was speaking at 9AM Eastern Time, so staying out of the market until it showed it's direction was the wise thing to do today. With this being said, I found myself in a SHORT trade, that reached target easily on an entry at 9:05AM Eastern.

This was the best trade of the morning. I did not like the way the euro fell so fast so I stayed away from this market. Stock indices were indecisive, and grains were not moving in unison specifically, wheat and corn when I was looking at a trade opportunity in those markets.

My only trade of the day, then came in the bonds. I personally like quick movement in the market ... but controlled movement ... waiting the additional 5 minutes this morning was the key to victory ... or waiting for the 9:05AM Bar to start printing.

I wish you all the best in your trading, and as always, if I can be of any assistance in your personal day trading just ask.

Best Continued Wishes,

David AKA Tiger

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Day Trading: ES Breakout Long Trade

In afternoon trading, I was watching the ES and ER market. There was a very nice setup going on with a trading range. I was looking to capitalize on a basic breakout of the market. The LONG entry came on the 3:15 to 3:30 Bar. I had a limit order placed at 1383.5 ... although I only made a very small profit on this trade ... this one could of taken off. This was an End of Day type of trade that I was looking at in the market. As I am placing this information in I can see the market did go on to reach my target, although I my protective stop was hit. I like to trade with a very tight stop on the end of the day. What I am looking for is a momentum trade that doesn't look back. This didn't happen for me today.

Best Wishes,

David AKA Tiger

Monday Day Trading: ZB Long Trade

This trade was a winner. There were a couple of opportunities to go long today in the bonds. I am showing you one possible entry that I was able to capture my profit target and make up for my non-winning trade earlier this morning. I am up for the day in my trading overall and done for the day now.
David AKA Tiger

Monday Day Trading: ER Trade

Today, my opening trade was in the ER. I went short 15 minutes after the release of the RED REPORT ISM. This trade didn't work out. This was not a winner, and my stop loss was hit before 10:30AM Eastern time. My entry time was 10:15AM EST.