Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where is Barney Frank on this?

Let's play a game of where's Waldo? Can anyone find Barney Frank at the WSOP? Seriously, folks enough is enough! Quit and Stop the Insanity! I don't much care for Barney Frank, but I would sit at the same table and play Poker with him.


Are people simply IGNORANT?

To the People of the USA,

If you believe that the Internet Poker Industry is illegal, then so is Social Security!

Social Security should be banned right now, because it is the biggest illegal PONZI scheme of all PONZI schemes going.

Let's see ... if there are more people retiring than people to pay them ... hmmm ... sounds like the government plan to bankrupt us to oblivion to me!

Prohibition ... did that work in the 20's? AH, NO!

Should they tax Pot and Internet Poker Websites?

If the so called "sin" taxes of Cigarettes, Tobacco, Alcohol, etc ... would it make sense to collect revenue in places that people are already doing it anyway.

Now, I am not saying that if it is harmful to a person ... for instance ... if someone decides to hire someone out to kill somebody ... then should that be taxed ... seriously ... get a life!

No, I am not saying that a crime is still a crime. On the other hand, if states have already accepted casino's into their states, then the next logical step would be to legalize it "internet" and then make some money from it.

Perhaps, it might save a job or two ... or better yet ... might save someone's reelection campaign by showing how much money they brought in to the state!

Seriously, why are people so blind! When the answer stands clearly in front of them ... take off your holy than thou rose colored glasses and stop being an idiot! Even Jesus himself told the first person without sin should cast the first stone ... what happened then?

No one threw a stone because guess what ... we are all guilty. Face it ... we all have our "hidden sins" that we have to pray for every day ... stop being a hypocrite! Take the thorn from your own eye out!


Some Statistics about Poker Players ...

Statistics about Poker in the U.S.

from Topline Findings: “The Topline Findings shown below are examples from an earlier study conducted in January 2007 which was based, as are all our surveys, on a representative sample of over 13,000 regular poker players playing at least once a month across the U.S., Canada and Western Europe.”

  • 40 million people play poker regularly (6.8% of the adult population)
  • 23 million of these regular players are in the U.S. (10.1% of the U.S. adult pop.)

  • 15 million in total play online for real money (2.6% of the adult pop.)
  • 7 million play online for real money at least once a month (1.4%)

  • 5 million play for real money at least once a month in “Home Games” (1.1%)
  • 2 million play for real money at least once a month in “Private Clubs” (0.4%)

  • 10 million have played in a casino in the last year (1.6%)

  • Of the 15 million online money players, 76% are male
  • Of the 15 million online money players, 58% are under 35 years of age

Do you think that there is a revenue source here??? Legalize it baby in the USA!

Americans - Stand Up and Fight! Enough is Enough!

The war is on! The DOJ has declared war on the USA Poker Players. If they can get away with this, then more regulations are coming you can count on it!

It's time to let your congress, state and national know that you will not stand quietly while this goes on.

If the government can get away with this, it won't be long until they start their attack and bombardment on traders.

We are also considered by many "a game of skill" ... don't fool yourself and allow the same thing to happen to your livelihood. I am only a casual online poker player, and not that good to boot, but what they are doing is simply wrong.

To shut down websites ... when these companies would be more than happy to have an arrangement to pay taxes is total bozo type of romper room action!

Nobody gets paid when the government steps in ... money magically disappears and if you are able to get anything it is pennies on the dollar. One of my "investments" that was seized by the government still has not paid me my money back now going on over 10 years.

Don't fool yourself ... this is a declaration of war against USA internet poker players. They have decided to shut down 3 major companies ... these companies have already moved to not allow USA player to play for real money.

The government by playing hard ball has lost before they have started. Obviously, there are bigger things a foot ... but if poker players all over the USA don't mind paying their fair share of taxes ... this is revenue that is much needed in America!

Is this the land of the (how do you say this word without is showing up as spam) how about freedom, but take the last three letters away or dom.

This is simply outrageous, and what is next ... they go after our GUNS? You may no longer have a gun if you live in the USA ... you may no longer hunt ... you may no longer fish ...

Where does it stop? When will Uncle Sam awake and decide enough is enough!!!

WE are under attack ... you can bet on this ... if they can get away with this then the next attack will be at day trading ... you can take that to the bank!

Day trading is "a game of skill". We need to protect our poker playing brethren today ... stand up with them and fight for the right to have the government stay the HELL out of our life.

They may have our taxes, but stay out of our lives ... quit dictating to us what is good and what is bad. That is our job as man and women, parents, etc. to determine not the government.

IF they simply wanted to go after the people they could have done this without shutting down the websites in the USA.

Have you even seen what they did? Go to either:

These are the 3 of the biggest online companies in the world. Full Tilt in 2006 moved their operation from the USA to Ireland. Do they really believe they can go across National Country lines ... if they would simply legalize it and allow it ... then money would flow in.

Does prohibition ever work? Has it ever? How do you get more taxes from people as a whole? By taxing them more, or lowering the taxes and allowing business's to flourish?

You know my answer to that ... lower taxes and more money will flow it has been proven over and over. Make America a country that companies want to do business in ... not the other way around!

This is truly a war that we have to WIN! We cannot allow the government to continue to bankrupt our beloved USA into oblivion. We need to stand up, unite, for our fellow poker players, our children, and our grandchildren.

The USA is under attack ... make no qualms about it ... our individual liberty is at stake here. I am not calling for people to get there guns ... don't think that is what I am saying ... but it is time to stop the insanity!!!


Seriously, where does this make sense! If you spend more than you take in ... Economics 101 ... what is the answer to what happens to you? DING DING ... you got it BANKRUPT!

How do you stop going bankrupt? AH, let me see ... if I make more than I spend .... hmmm ... then I should have more left over ... duh!!

Can you tell I am a little pissed off ... I even waited 48 hours before I decided to take a stand ...

We are under attack ... our way of life and livelihood is under a barrage of legalism! This is not the way that I want our country to go or head!

These are not drug lords ... yeah ... but they disgused their payments you say ... well ... if you would simply LEGALIZE it then duh they wouldn't have to DISGUISE the way the have to pay people.

MAKE IT LEGAL! How hard is that to do!

Stop the INSANITY!!


David "Tiger" Knight

P.S. Want to do something about it and write the president, senate, and congress? Go here and join the PPA:

Grassroots baby! Let's show what community organization is all about!!