Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Day Trading: Warren Buffet Trade

Hello Traders,

I am normally not a person that trades on the news, but with that being said, how do you let a gift like Warren talking go? Although, my part of the gift was small in nature in relation to what was available. I was able to profit by what he said today.

My trade was in and out before 10AM Eastern time, that is before Bernanke was scheduled to speak. I want to say that this was a trade that normally I would ignore, but at the time I put it on it sure looked like we wanted to go back to the 1300 level.

In any case, I tried once again in the afternoon, to get long, but the market did not want to play ball. There is a fine line where opinion and charts can get you in trouble. In other words, to trade just on your opinion, can be a dangerous way to trade, but based on what the chart is telling you, then it can be a profitable position to be in.

Today, was one of those days to profit from the news, but to keep a tight stop on your entry just in case of failure. My trade got me in after the market open around 1285 and change and I moved my stop to capture profits and was caught on the pull back this morning at 1288 and change.

Although, this is not a home run in regards to trades, it was a WIN in my books. My trading plan allows for a little discretion in my trading. As I believe so should yours, but base your decisions more on facts rather than opinion trading.

In my humble opinion, your OPINION will get you in more trouble that it is worth as a trader. As a trader's motto remember, "Trade What You See, NOT What You Think!"

This in a nutshell, is at the CORE of any successful trader to be able to take the information at hand in the charts and translate that into a WINNING position more times than the other way around.

Good Trades and I leave you with my ES Market Chart. By the way, there will be no trade of the week video this week. My trading did not warrant anything of note to talk about this week.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger

Friday Day Trading: ES Trade

Close above 1291.75, then look for a target of 1299 ... need to stay above 1287 on a close basis ... anything below that and this LONG trade is off.

Keep close stop on the this trade. I would want to see it get there in a hurry.

The time is 3:40PM and still has not closed above my mark. This trade is done on time and no trade was made! I was looking for a rally before 3:45PM Eastern.

As of right now, there will be no Trade of the Week. My trading did not warrant anything of note to talk in length about. I hope you have a great weekend.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger

Thursday, August 21, 2008

David Knight for President? You're kidding, right?!?

Video of the Week: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses

What a crazy week of day trading. This is exactly how I felt waiting for things to happen in the market this week. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE BABY!!

In any case, I want to wish y'all a great weekend. I will have to really look over my trading log to come up with a trade of the week this week. Just so you know, August is generally like this coming before Labor Day. That is days filled with low volume and complete boredom.

Do you know on YouTube someone actually recorded a video of watching paint dry? Go there and search on it yourself. On a side note, my list members learned of two trades that I was considering this week. Although, they were not home run trades, they both made a little bit of money.

Since I have been updated my list members on possible trades this month, that has been worth a little over $2,500 ... not to bad on only 2 contracts per trade. This is what I am advising on the service.

By the way, I try to trade in 2 or 3 contract pairs, depending upon the market and the risk amount that is associated with each position. All of this information has been taken from a variety of sources. I do have one service that I trust more than any other, to find out what that service is to help in your day trading, or trading in general, then just send me an email to:

Good Trades everyone and here is to September and the Volume coming back until then Welcome to the Jungle Baby!!

Best Continued Wishes,

David AKA Tiger

P.S. If you have not subscribed, to my email updates, then take the 10 seconds to do that right now. I will not spam or sell your name under any circumstance, and obviously you can remove yourself at any time!

Thursday Day Trading: ES Long Trade

Click on chart for comments on trade.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger

Thursday Day Trading: ZB Trades

Click on chart for comments on trade.

David AKA Tiger

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Day Trading: ES Long Trade

Click on chart for comments on trade. Please note that I will be trading very light until after Labor Day right now. These trades were the first ones I took this week after coming back from a mini vacation.

Not shown today are my G6E trades.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am now concentrating 90% of my efforts in 3 markets now. They are ES, EMD, and ZB. I continue to monitor ZC, ZW, and I have put on my list of monitoring G6E now.

Along with these markets, I also watch gold, oil, and soybeans. My main trading on this blog will consist of the 3 markets mentioned above until further notice. I have found enough opportunities during a week in the ES and ZB. The EMD is similar to the ER and trades closely related to that market. I am still only testing the EMD market with one contract when I get in this market.

In any case, what this means to you, if you are following me, is that I am concentrating most of my efforts in the ES and ZB markets or the emini S&P and the 30 year treasury or long bond. What I like about this decision is that this is where most of my profits come on a weekly basis, and the other markets are kind of sidelines to my bread and butter trades.

With that being said, I hold the right to make any trade in any market that I see fit. If there is an opportunity for a nice profit, with a low risk amount, then I will jump on that trade.

I wish you well and good trading.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger

Wednesday Day Trading: ZB Long Entry

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David AKA Tiger