Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Day Trading: ZC Bonus Trade

With ROLLOVER going on in the bonds today, I would have steered clear of the financials and indices on this day. So I would have considered only the grains today. Today wheat and corn were moving together so there was a good opportunity to go LONG today at 11:00AM Eastern Time.

Once again, this is simply a bonus trade and not one that I took in my personal trading. For the most part, I do not trade on Friday's, but I wanted to show what I was thinking in any case. I want to wish you all the best over the weekend and be back posting on Monday.
Happy Trading,
David AKA Tiger

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Day Trading: ZB Rollercoaster!

Today we had a RED REPORT release at 8:30AM Eastern time today, that I waited until the release before trading. My first trade was at 8:35AM on a Spike Reversal Trendfade LONG. This trade did not work out my protective stop was hit.

The second trade came 15 minutes after the first one. I went SHORT at 8:50AM Eastern time on a FAILURE to close the GAP and failed SPIKE REVERSAL. This trade went on to target and since my WIN GOAL is larger than my STOP LOSS, then on my two net trades today I came home in the WINNING CIRCLE.

I wish you all the best in your trading. And as always, if I can be of assistance, please feel free to send me an email.


David AKA Tiger

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday Day Trading: ZB No Entry

ZB was a very tough market to trade today. No clear trend developed. It is a great example of standing on the sidelines in the market. Perhaps, a trader trading a shorter time frame would have been profitable on this trade, but for my trading plan this did not fit into it.

After the release of the RED REPORT Core Durable Goods at 8:30AM Eastern time, the market was looking promising for a short entry, but towards the last minute on the trade on the 8:20 to 8:35AM Bar it fought its way back up and I stood aside.

I really wanted to SHORT this market today, but I was forced to continue to stand aside. My point is being on the sidelines is also a position. If you are not in the market, and it is trading sideways, then why trade it?

The better trade came in CORN today so paying attention to all of my markets I trade was the key to a successful trade today. This obviously, is my opinion and if it makes sense, then I am happy to be of assistance in your day trading.

Best Continued Wishes,

David AKA Tiger

Wednesday Day Trading: ZC Short Entry

There was a nice trade to make in CORN today. Wheat and Corn have not been in synch now for a month, in my humble opinion. But today the trade was in synch and there was an excellent opportunity to once again go SHORT in Corn at 11:00AM Eastern time. It did not take me out at target. I moved stop to 2/3 profit target and my stop was hit. This trade was a nice one in CORN today.

Best Wishes,

David AKA Tiger

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Day Trading - ZB Bond Trade

Today as I look over the markets. The best trade of the day came in the ZB market at 8:50AM Eastern Time. This trade could be described as one that failed to close the GAP this morning. Trade was to go short and easily made target in 1 bar.

This was a very nice trade in the ZB.

Best Wishes,

David AKA Tiger