Friday, June 18, 2010

NEW Day Trading Strategy: TCB Crude Oil (Taking Care of Business in Crude Oil) First Look!

First video introduction to the TCB Strategy in Crude Oil.

Much more to come throughout the Summer!

Good Trading,

David "Tiger" Knight

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17th, 2010: Nice Trade in Crude Oil (TCB Beta)

Hello Traders,
We continue to approach our deadline of September 2010 to bring out our material and trading methods on hard copy and video content.
Here is an example of a beta test we are running in the crude oil market. Notice how most of the down move was captured and our stop loss was not triggered.
It is our belief that traders can tackle even a market like crude oil with the right trading method/strategy.
More details coming throughout the Summer months.
This trade was a nice win today in our trading room where we are live testing our Crude Oil - TCB ... (Taking Care of Business) strategy.
Good Trading,
David "Tiger" Knight