Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Day Trading: Gold Long Thrust Bar Breakout Trade for $2,100 on 2 Contracts.

Click on Image for a larger picture of today's trade in the Gold Market. Patience pays off big time today!!

Good Trading,

David "Tiger" Knight

P.S. This is a trade our room caught this morning! Like Crude Oil as well from the day before.

P.S.S. Take advantage of your 10 Day Free Trial. My advice is to wait until next week at this point in time or September 7th (Labor Day) ... then you will have the maximum amount of days to review the way I trade in my live trading "Tiger" room.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Day Trading: eMini Trading Today

Click on image for a larger picture of the eMini (ES) Market.

This was a new way of looking at trading, in a different time frame. The trades today took place on a 5 min Bar Chart.

Total Trading today on 2 Contracts was $1,450.00

eMini S&P combined with the Crude Oil Market made for some real nice trading today.

Good Trading,

David "Tiger" Knight

Live Tiger Trading Room:

Tuesday Day Trading: Crude Oil Long then Short for $2,200 on 2 Contracts

Click on image for a larger picture of the Crude Oil Market Chart.

Very nice day in crude today, and also in the eMini.

Today's trading had the possibility of trading for some real nice gains!

Have you taken advantage of your Free Trial yet?

Good Trading,

David "Tiger" Knight