Friday, November 11, 2011

Long Signal with Ascending Triangle Formation

Hello Traders,

The market set up for a long today ... will we go to $100 per barrel and more?

Time will tell ...

Good Trading,

David 'Tiger' Knight

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Question: I want to make $6,000 per month Trading!

QUESTION: I want to make $6,000 per month trading!

Hello Traders,

This is the toughest of all answers to answer, in my humble opinion, but I will give it a try for you.

If your average win is $400 on 3, and your average loss is $200 on 4, and you breakeven on 3 trades out ever 10 trades, then you can work up a W/L Ratio and a Profit Ratio or Profit Factor.

($400 * 3) * .3 = $360
($200 * 4) * .4 = $320
($0 * 3) * .3 = $0

Nets $40 per every 10 trades, but you have to take your commission costs out at $6 each * 10 trades equals (NEGATIVE $20) LOSS.

So here is a case where you are net positive but still losing because of the cost of commission to trade ... there is only one way to trade to make money.

You have to have a trading method/system that has the ability to capture the big wins, and also cuts the losers off quickly.

So for instance, if you find that you are net positive $250 on every 10 trades, then you can start to calculate a return based upon that information.

If you take 10 trades per week and net $250 per contract per week roughly speaking you would make around $1000 per month on one contract.

You would need to be able to trade 6 contracts and have a minimum account balance above $30,000 USD to take on this kind of risk.

I hope this helps ... the way I teach is to take money from the market at regular intervals and pay yourself as you make milestones.

If you can follow trading instructions, and are teachable, then perhaps I might be able to help.


November 9th, 2011: Nice Trading Day in Crude Oil

Hello Traders,

Here is a nice trading day in Crude Oil. In fact, there was a very nice opportunity later on in the day to go back short.


Some trading thoughts from my scattered mind as I develop ideas for my book ...

What are my thoughts on trading over the years?

My first thought has to be the learning process to become a trader is a hand’s on job.

The next conclusion about trading for a life time is you have to be able to survive and grow through turmoil.

The best teacher as a trader is experience. Many years ago I use to wonder how a person gains experience if no one is willing to take the time to teach a person. In the pursuit of becoming a trader, my trading has been filled with many twists and turns.

What do I believe is true is it relates to trading?

There have been books written on the subject of trading way to numerous to mention, and my library is filled with many of these trading ‘masters’, whether they are a true master or not is not for me to say. What I do know is trading is a process much like I would imagine like most any other profession, you have to start at a place to get to another place on the journey.

I believe the hardest thing about being a trader is the overwhelming desire to make money in this cut throat environment. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see another get rich quick in trading come across my desk.

I fell for the same stuff many years ago as a new trader myself. The millions in a year stories you hear from or read in forums or in a book.

My purpose in writing this book is to talk to the small account trader working hard to make a living trading. The grinders out here that have the never say die attitude. The, I will survive, mentality it takes to become a success as a trader.

Being a trader is not for the faint of heart, you will find yourself at the mercy of the market if you allow it to take control. Let’s talk a little bit about control … there is no such thing as a single person having control of the market. You may be able to influence it as a big account trader for a time, but the market is much bigger than any one person.

As I sit at my favorite place to think, my local Barnes & Noble Bookstore here in Greensburg, PA. I am reminded about how lucky I am to be alive and to be able to do the one thing I am most passionate about outside of my God, and my family.

Being a trader is by far the most enjoyable experience I believe a person can obtain. More importantly here is one arena where a person can start with next to nothing and make themselves into something. You have the ability to truly reach for the stars; if you fall short you still can reach the moon.

I think the journey a person goes on can be the greatest gift I may be able to give you the aspiring trader looking to take this journey with me.

Good Continued Trading,

David 'Tiger' Knight

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MF Global customers get deadline from trustee - Financials - Futures Magazine