Friday, July 25, 2008

Trade of the Week: July 22 ES Recovery Trade

Sammy and Van Halen "Where Eagles Fly!"

Sammy Hagar and Van Halen back in 1995 ... boy I love the things that I find in youtube! A very nice video solo by Sammy, then joined in with the boys a little later on.

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David AKA Tiger

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Day Trading: ZB Long Trade

Click on chart for trade comments. On a side note, a nice down move in the indices today. The indexes like the Dow and S&P were down big today, right back into the previous support and resistance areas ... very interesting.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger

A Nice Tribute to US Armed Forces Overseas

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David AKA Tiger

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Day Trading: ZB Trades

Two trades today. One 15 minutes after the open made 1/2 profit target on trade. This was a time stop and out. The second trade came at 10:05 Eastern time and made full profit target. This was a decent day in the ZB market. Click on chart for comments in a larger format.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Day Trading: ES Trade of the Day

This was a nice trade in the afternoon. Patience wins the game here. I entered the trade a little to early and jumped the market ... ouch! With that being said, my second attempt was a nice winner. 1/2 of the contracts off at 1267.25 for $150 per contract traded.

The other part of my position I used the greenline strategy and trailed my stop watching first of all the high from yesterday, then the average daily range of the ES market. I cleared out the second half of my trades at 1273.75 on the way up to the ADR. This was for $475 per every contract traded.

Total on trade for every 2 contracts was $625, not a bad day trading, if I say so myself.

Once again, I did not get the G6E total move, check back to the chart for my entry and exit. I traded that in the middle of the move today for $500 per every 2 contracts.

The bonds gave me $375 times 2 trades or $750 for every 2 contracts today.

The EMD was for $300 on 1 contract still testing that market.

The ES was for $625 for every 2 contracts today.

So total trading for every 2 contracts = $2,175 today! Pretty good day on two contracts ... I am good to go for July trading now. I will be trading pretty light from here to month end now.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger

Tuesday Day Trading: EMD Chart replaces ER Market

Since the ER is moving to the ICE, I have been trading 1 contract on the EMD at times to see the liquidity. Right now my broker has a special all in round turn on this contract of $1.50 until the end of the year. So I have been testing the waters with the EMD. This contract is the one that the CME Group is pushing to replace the ER that is moving exchanges.

I have had no problems with trading 1 contract on it. I am getting good fills and it has been hitting my limits with a little bit of slippage on entry and exit. In any case, so far so good in this electronic market. I have seen the volume continue to pick up.

In any case I had a quick $300 profit in this market. It trades $10 per tic just like the ER. I would recommend you taking a look at this contract. If you want the name of my broker to talk to him, by all means shoot me an email.

David AKA Tiger

Tuesday Day Trading: ZB Trades for day.

I had two trades in the ZB today or the 30 year bond market. The first one was off the first bar printed. The second one came at 1:05PM for a nice pop down. Both trades were successful today.

David AKA Tiger

Tuesday Day Trading: G6E $1462.50 on 2 contracts

Click on chart for comments. I did not take the full trade today. I had a little in the middle for $500 for every 2 contracts. But on looking over this trade later today, what a excellent opportunity to be short for most of the day.

This would have netted you $1462.50 for every 2 contracts traded today using the greenline strategy.

David AKA Tiger

Go Army! Great Video on YouTube

Tuesday Day Trading: ZB SR Trendfade Short Trade

Click on chart for comments. Bread and butter trade.

David AKA Tiger

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Day Trading: ES No Trades Today

Click on chart for a closer look at today's ES Market. Volume was low for most of the day. I had my eyes on 1256 and 1259, in the afternoon. I was looking for a close below 1256 to go short, with good green volume, and I was looking for a close above 1259 to go long, with good green volume. The close above 1259, at the end of the day was to late for me to safely trade the market so I stood aside.

I drew some trendlines in today to help visualize the market compressing. If you would put some bollinger bands on the market you would see a tightening of the bands as well. This is set up to break one way or the other.

I read a report that 150 of the 500 S&P companies report earnings this week. I am sure there will be several surprises good and bad this week. So I am looking for some good action in the market. In any case, we will look for opportunities tomorrow to trade.

Good Trades,

David AKA Tiger